Aneros was created in the mid 1990's by a Japanese urologist specializing in providing patients with clinical prostate massage therapy to treat chronic prostatitis and other related health problems. This medical experience was the inspiration behind Aneros. Aneros has a full line of prostate massagers specifically and scientifically designed for men, Kegel exercisers as well as their own specially formulated personal lubricant. Sexy living offers Canadians discreet access to these important tools, order yours today!

Aneros Helix Syn V: Peak Pleasure

The Aneros Helix Syn V Vibrating Prostate Massager, pinnacle of the Aneros Helix series, designed for unmatched stimulation. Ergonomic, waterproof, and safe, it offers precise pleasure. Crafted with soft silicone and a sturdy structure for targeted pressure, it enhances experiences. Ideal for wholesale, it promises a transformative journey into deep pleasure, making it essential for wellness explorers.


The Aneros Prelude™ Enema Bulb Kit is our internal cleansing system.  Ideal before an Aneros prostate massager session, the special slow-flow, one-way nozzle of the Aneros Prelude™ Enema Bulb Kit makes preparation easy and comfortable.  When it comes to anal and prostate play, confidence begins with a PRELUDE.  Made from medical grade silicone.