Developed by a team of skin care experts, COOCHY Shave Cream sought to break free from the ordinary and provide women with a luxurious shaving experience. Crafting a formula rich in moisturizing agents and infused with delicate scents, COOCHY Cream provides a collection of shave creams designed to pamper with each shave. While the collection has grown to be more than just shave cream, COOCHY has always remained devoted to empowering women to embrace self-care and feel beautiful, bold, and confident in their own skin.

COOCHY Wholesale

Coochy Oh So Smooth Shave Cream in Frosted Cake fragrance makes shaving irresistible. Vanilla, buttercream, and lilacs leave skin smooth and sweetly scented. Ideal for bikini, underarms, legs, and more, it prevents red bumps and is gentle on all skin types. Also a moisturizing conditioner. Gluten-free and paraben-free, this cream ensures your skin feels soft, fragrant, and touchable. Perfect for every routine.

Coochy Shave Spray Canada

Complete your shave with Coochy Rash Rescue Post Shave Spray, ideal for wholesale Coochy. This botanical blend soothes, moisturizes, and offers a calming barrier that tightens pores, preventing irritation. Leaves skin soft and silky. Gentle for all skin types, it inhibits ingrown hairs and protects skin. Made with natural extracts, gluten-free, and paraben-free, it's essential for smooth, healthy skin.