Fun Factory

Fun Factory

Sexy Living brings the magic of German-engineered toys to you, offering Fun Factory wholesale for all your needs! As the leading brand of sex toys in Europe, Fun Factory's high-quality, innovatively designed, cheerfully coloured toys are made in Germany. They are now available to Canadians through Sexy Living. Discover Fun Factory's wide range of vibrators, dildos, thrusting dildos, pulsators, smartballs, anal plugs, and combination toys. Experience the innovation and fun that Europeans have cherished for over 20 years with Fun Factory's products!

Discover the VIM Wand by Fun Factory

Fun Factory VIM combines German engineering with unique pleasure. More than a toy, it's a sensation revolution, offering deep, satisfying vibrations with a weighted rumble. Body-safe, water-resistant, and rechargeable, VIM provides 5 speeds and 3 patterns for customized fun. Choose from calming Midnight Blue or vibrant Sunrise Orange for innovative, unforgettable experiences.

Experience Laya 3 from Fun Factory

Fun Factory Laya III, available for Fun Factory wholesale through Sexy Living. Crafted in Germany, this waterproof, body-safe vibrator features customizable speeds and patterns. Ergonomically designed in sage or violet, it targets pleasure points effortlessly. Package includes USB charging cable and creative play ideas, ensuring a unique journey into pleasure with every use.