Hot Octopuss

Hot Octopuss

Hot Octopuss, available at Sexy Living Wholesale Canada, stands out in the male sex toys wholesale market, especially with the introduction of the Guybrator. Founded in 2013 by two best friends, Hot Octopuss combines innovative design with scientific innovation to create unique toys for everyone, regardless of gender or ability. Dedicated to breaking stigmas and changing perceptions around pleasure, Hot Octopuss champions sex positivity and inclusivity. Explore our award-winning range and experience unparalleled pleasure designed for all.

Wholesale Hot Octopuss JETT

Hot Octopuss's JETT, a pioneer in male sex toys wholesale, offers hands-free orgasms with patented Treble and Bass Technology™. Control endless vibration combinations for custom pleasure with this innovative Guybrator. Comes with a silicone sleeve, control unit, bullets, and more for an unmatched experience. Embrace hands-free excitement and unparalleled satisfaction with JETT.

Hot Octopuss PULSE III Canada

Hot Octopuss PULSE III DUO elevates foreplay with innovative PulsePlate Technology™, a standout in wholesale male sex toys. This device delivers hands-free pleasure and remote-controlled vibrations for mutual satisfaction. Waterproof and versatile, it includes six vibration settings for unforgettable moments together. Experience enhanced shared climax with PULSE III DUO.