Nobü, established in 2011, has swiftly become a distinguished name in high-end pleasure products, offering an expansive range of wholesale Nobu toys, including dildos, vibrators, and other sex toys. With a focus on innovation, our R&D team continually develops new technologies to enhance personal pleasure and sexual health, adhering to industry standards and ensuring body safety. Our products are ergonomically designed, crafted from premium materials like medical-grade silicone, and feature some of the most powerful vibrating motors available. At Nobü, we're dedicated to delivering top-quality intimate products that promise satisfaction. Wholesale Nobü is available at Sexy Living Canada, elevating the art of pleasure.

Wholesale Nobu Beasties Teku

Nobu Beasties Teku, part of our wholesale exotic range, is designed for fantasy fulfillment. This tentacle dildo, made from medical-grade silicone, offers versatile pleasure with a strong suction cup for hands-free fun and harness compatibility. Explore bold shapes and textures. Discover the full range of Nobu Beasties: Tiki, Tanu, Tahr, Tera, Tuli at Sexy Living Wholesale Canada.

Nobu Fetish RS2 Deluxe Silky Rope Canada

Nobü offers a refined BDSM experience with luxurious toys, restraints, and bondage rope. The RS2 Deluxe Silky Rope caters to both novices and Shibari enthusiasts, designed for intricate body harnesses or simple ties. This durable, silky rope promises an exploration of restraint play, making every encounter unforgettable. Embrace Nobü's quality for unparalleled bondage adventures.