YES Lubricants

YES Lubricants

OH YES, Sexy Living has exactly what you need. YES lubes are pure and natural. YES certifies everything to the highest organic standards. YES guarantees its products are pure and never contain any hormone mimics. YES is also is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin. Order YES products from Sexy Living and we will ship them to you anywhere in Canada.

YES® DOUBLE GLIDE (DG) - Lubricant

YES®DG (double glide) combines both YES®WB 100ml water-based and YES®OB 80ml plant-oil based personal lubricants in a single pack. Enjoy these products either separately or in combination.

YES® WB Water-Based Lubricant

YES®WB is a water-based organic lubricant, designed to give the most natural texture and feel, whilst providing maximum lubrication and moisture. YES®WB is pH matched to the vagina and free of glycerine, glycols and hormones to support your intimate health.